Nov 20

Cork Schools Orienteering in Fota


Nov 16

A Time for Remembering

The great consolation of our November remembering is that our connections are never broken.

When we face the emptiness,pain and sorrow that come with grief we can feel useless,but our Church reminds us that we are not powerless in the face of the tragedy of the loss of someone we love.There is still something we can do.Our prayers and acts of remembrance and charity can assist our loved ones on their journey back to God.

November is always a reminder to us of how important it is that we live fully in the present moment.If we live to give as much as we can then death will never be the end of our human story.To love is to live eternally because it means we will have left a mark on others that will be passed on and shared with generations yet unborn.

The Christian faith is about living,not dying.We need to understand that.It is about living confident,courageous lives here and now.

In Ireland,we are good at funerals.We are good at paying our respects to the dead.We recognise too how important it is to give moral support to the bereaved.And we turn out in quite extraordinary numbers.It fits in with the feel for the rituals of death and burial that are thankfully still part of our changing culture..And our feel for November is still very sure.It is still part of what we are as a people.The Holy Souls have this part of the Christian calender all to themselves.

There is something very sombre about November.The very word November seems to have a resonance of things ending and dying.Mature has worked it`s way through:

“the promise of Spring,

the highpoint of Summer,

the gathering of Autumn

and packed it`s bags for the deadening feel of Winter”*

(Brendan Hoban Pieces of my mind).

The leaves scattered under our feet are a sad anthem for the decline of another year.It`s no coincidence that November is the time of the year when we especially remember our dead.

Nov 11

Parents`Council Talk,Thursday 12th November @19.30

“Understanding the Emotional Well-being of Teenagers”by Dr.Fergus Heffernan Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

He offers practical advice  on how families can thrive during times that can be fraught with difficulty.He employs a wonderfully honest,heartfelt,practical and often times humorous approach to the subject of mental health and familiy issues.His listeners will be provided with plenty of material for ongoing reflection.

Admission 5euro .Everyone welcome.


Nov 05

Beethoven-Schule Berlin: penpals

We are pleased to have established a link with a secondary school in Berlin; Beethoven-Oberschule. Students from St. Mary’s High School are busy writing letters of introduction to their new penpals. Well done girls.

Nov 03

UCD Entrance Scholars Awards

Congratulations to Leaving Certificate 2015 student Hannah O`Keeffe on her selection as an UCD Entrance Scholar.

UCD Entrance Scholars are first year students recognised for their academic achievement who have achieved 560 points or more in their Leaving Certificate.

Well done Hannah we are all very proud of you!

Oct 21


The”OPEN EVENING” for 6th Class Pupils and their Parents/Guardians takes place THURSDAY,22nd October 2015 from 16.30 to 19.30.You are all most welcome.

Oct 21

Annual School Mass

The Annual School Mass takes place Wednesday,21st October @ 11.45am at the Holy Rosary Church Midleton.Parents/Guardians are particularly welcome.

Aug 26

First Year Mass Friday 28th August 2015

A Mass for in-coming First-Year Pupils will take place in the School Hall @15.00 on Friday 28th August 2015.Parents are most welcome to attend.

Aug 26

School Debs 2015

The Annual School Debs takes place this Thursday(27th)@ 19.00 in The Radisson Hotel,Little Island,Cork.Congratulations to all our students on their wonderful L.C. Results

Aug 13

STUDENT PRAYER SERVICE ror the Return to School

Opening Prayer:


God of wisdom and understanding, you have guided your people throughout history. Help us to grow in faith and understanding in this coming year. Open our minds to your truth and our hearts to your love that we may grow in wisdom and grace. We ask you to bless us on the journey ahead for this academic year 2015/16.

St Teresa of Avila reminds us that:


‘Christ has no body but yours, no hands, no feet on earth but yours,

Yours are the eyes with which he looks with compassion on this world,

Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good,

Yours are the hands with which he blesses all the world’.


Before we begin this academic year let us take some time to consider how we are the eyes and hands of Christ in our school communities. Let us take time to think about how we are called to serve God and each other with Christian values; values such as love, kindness, joy, truth and justice so that we can be the kind of people that Christ wants us to be. This means that we live out of these values and we are loving, kind, joyful, truthful and just because it is how Christ wants us to be in our relationships. We are schools where faith is part of our fabric, our identity and all that we do – how we learn, how we relate, how we treat each other, the kind of people we are.


Let us reflect on God’s Word to us in Mark 4:30-32:


What is God’s kingdom like? It is like what happens when a mustard seed is planted in the ground. It is the smallest seed in all the world. But once it is planted, it grows larger than any garden plant. It even puts out branches that are big enough for birds to nest in its shade.




Each one of us is like the mustard seed that Jesus talks about. Each day we are called to grow and allow others to grow, to learn and allow others to learn; to draw ourselves and others closer to the source of Christ’s love in our daily interactions with students, colleagues and the wider school communities in which we live and work. Our school communities are places that invite others to feel welcome, accepted and included. We are big enough for those of all faiths and none to settle on our strong branches and find nourishment in our midst.


Let us ask for God’s blessing on all that lies ahead and let us be mindful of CEIST values in our daily lives.




Lord Jesus, Help us to experience your supportive presence throughout the coming school year and give us the courage to reach out to you in times of stress. Lord Hear Us


May our friendships be healthy and wholesome. May our challenges be surmountable. May our relationships within this school community and outside it be respectful. May we remember to reflect Christ’s love to all we meet.

Lord Hear Us.


Through the gift of your Spirit inspire us to do our best; to be a support to one another and to pray in thanksgiving for all we have as well as in petition for what we desire. Lord Hear Us.


John O’Donoghue reminds us:

The writer goes to his desk each morning to meet the empty white page.

As he settles himself, he is preparing for visitation and voyage…

He has no idea what will come.


Yet despite his limitations, his creative work will find its own direction to form.

Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness,

the more original and creative our time will become. Amen


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