Dec 16

Ukeladies Trip to COPE’s Scoil Eanna

This week the Ukeladies spread the Christmas spirit by performing in COPEs Scoil Eanna, Cork, for the second year running. The girls sang a number of Christmas carols and were lucky enough to view the primary schools nativity play afterwards. It was a memorable, moving and festive occasion for all. Well Done Ukeladies! Another impressive, inspiring performance to add to the list!


Dec 16

Discover Cork History Project

On Friday last TY Heaney History class made a trip to the Midleton Distillery. The girls are currently working on a project for the Discover Cork History School Project. They attended a guided tour of the old distillery. Despite the cold and rain they really enjoyed the tour and learned lots of interesting and helpful information for their project which is titled “The Story of a Local Industry”. DSCN0815 (1)

Dec 15


The streets are crowded now with shoppers and carols are being sung;there`s an air of festivity and of business.True,a lot of money is made and there`s a lot of commercialism,but behind it all is a wish for peace on earth and goodwill among people.

Christmas is more than the feast of Christ`s birth-it`s the feast of the birth of every child of God,in every part of the world.It`s the feast of human dignity-that every person born on this earth is loved and cherished by God,and enters the human family where love and care are sought.

Christmas can bring out the best in people-roll away clouds of hatred and biterness and let the song of the angels be heard.

The tree in the sitting room,the mistletoe,the tiny robin,the holly and the ivy are all part of the story that God is close to his people and that we desire relationships of equality and justice and love.

May we all be touched by the love and simplicity of God as we pray and celebrate Christmas together.

Happy Christmas from St.Mary`s High School.

Dec 11

U16s suffer heartbreak in County final

The U16 basketball team suffered a devastating loss to Carrig Na Bhfear in their county final last week.

In the last two mins of normal time Carrig went three points up after St. Marys had previously led for the whole game. The girls were devastated with the final result but are really looking forward to the possibility of a rematch after the All- Ireland play-offs in January.




The girls would like to thank Ms. Alley for all her hard work and the school for the tremendous  support on the day.





Claudia Kearney, Catriona Fuchs, Abby Quirke, Ellen Bamber, Holly O’ keefe, Tara Cooney, Ava O’ Dwyer, Orla Murray, Julianne Quirke, Ellie Lansley, Katie Griffin and Una O’ Shea.

Dec 09

Parent Council Raffle Results

Many thanks to the pupils and their families for the generous support of our Christmas Raffle. It was a great success, raising much needed funds for activities in the new year.

The draw took place in the school on Friday Dec. 5th. Here are the lucky winners:

1st  Denis O’ Flynn, Ladysbridge
2nd  Oran Cremin, Balick
3rd  Ailish O’Brien
4th  Conor Twomey, Aghada
5th  John O’Regan, Ballyfinn
6th  Mrs Helen Barry, St.Marys
7th  Emma O’Leary, Castleredmond
8th  Mr. Jack O’Keeffe Tallow
9th  Dee Marron, Broomfield
Sellers Prize: Nicole Walsh, Castlemartyr
Congratulations to all!
The next Parents Council meeting will take place on Monday,  Jan. 12th, 2015 at 7:45pm in the school, all welcome.
Our Parents Council information night will take place on Tue, Jan 20th and is open to all parents. More information will follow in the new year.
The parents Council would like to wish the staff, the pupils and their families a very peaceful and happy Christmas.

Dec 05

THINKING OUT LOUD!How Long Do You Worry About Your Children?

How Long Do You Worry About Your Children?
Is there an imaginary cut off period when
Offspring become accountable
For their own actions?
Is there some wonderful moment when
Parents can become detached spectators in
The lives of their children and shrug,
‘It’s Their life,’ and feel nothing?
When I was in my twenties,
I stood in a hospital corridor
Waiting for doctors to put a few stitches
In my son’s head and I asked,
‘When do you stop worrying?’
The nurse said,
‘When they get out of the accident stage..’
My Parents just smiled faintly
And said nothing.
When I was in my thirties,
I sat on a little chair in a classroom
And heard how one of my children
Talked incessantly, disrupted the class,
And was headed for a career
Making license plates.
As if to read my mind, a teacher said,
‘Don’t worry, they all go through this stage
And then you can sit back,
Relax and enjoy them.’
My Parents just smiled faintly
And said nothing.
When I was in my forties,
I spent a lifetime waiting
For the phone to ring,
The cars to come home,
The front door to open.
A friend said,
‘They’re trying to find themselves.
‘Don’t worry!
In a few years, they’ll be adults.
‘They’ll be off on their own
They’ll be out of your hair’
My Parents just smiled faintly 
And said nothing.
By the time I was 50,
I was sick tired of being vulnerable.
I was still worrying over my children,
But there was a new wrinkle..
Even though they were on their own 
I continued to anguish over their failures,
Be tormented by their frustrations and
Absorbed in their disappointments..
And there was nothing I could do about it.
My Parents just smiled faintly
And said nothing.
My friends said that
When my kids got married
I could stop worrying
And lead my own life.
I wanted to believe that,
But I was haunted by my parent’s warm smiles
And their occasional,
‘You look pale. Are you all right’ ?
‘Call me the minute you get home’.
Are you depressed about something?’
My friends said that
When I became a grandparent
That I would get to enjoy
The happy little voices yelling
Grandma! Papa!
But now I find that I worry
Just as much about the little kids
As the big ones.
How can anyone cope
With all this Worry?

Can it be that parents are sentenced
To a lifetime of worry?
Is concern for one another
Handed down like a torch
To blaze the trail of human frailties
And the fears of the unknown?
Is concern a curse or is it
A virtue that elevates us
To the highest form of earthly creation?

Recently, one of my own children
Became quite irritable, saying to me,
‘Where were you?
I’ve been calling for 3 days,
And no one answered
I was worried.’
I smiled a warm smile.
The torch has been passed.

Dec 04

1st Year Orienteering Trip




Dec 03

December 2014 Dates for Your Diary

Tuesday,9thDecember 2014>16.15 to 18:45,First Year Parent/Teacher Meeting,SchoolHALL.Classes finish at 15:29

School Carol Service FRIDAY ,12th December 2014

School Closes Friday 19th December 2014

School ChristmasHolidays:Saturday 20th December 2014 to Sunday January 4th 2015

Nov 28

December Meeting – Rescheduled

The next Parents` Council meeting will take place next Monday, December 1st, 2014 at 7:30pm in the school in Room 8 (use small gate entrance close to corner shop).
All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.
After this meeting, parents are invited for light refreshments in Midleton for an informal Christmas social.
I hope you can make it!

Nov 28

Upcoming Information Sessions for Parents

The parents council would like to pass on some information on events recently received for parents:

  • Nov 29th: iPad Course for parents of children with Dyslexia/Dyspraxia
  • Dec 2nd: Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) clinic in CIT
  • Dec 4th: UCC’s Assistive Technology Outreach programme Information Evening
  • Dec 9th: Information for Parents of 6th years on Third Level Education

See below for further details on these events:

Course:  The iPad and how it can help your child in school
Date: 29-11-14  10am – 1pm
Location: Cork City
Target group: Parents of children with Dyslexia/Dyspraxia
Target age of children: late Primary/1st year of secondary
Contact: James 087-4154255 –

The Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) offers reduced points CAO places to eligible applicants with learning differences, medical conditions and disabilities (
CIT DSS is running a clinic on Tuesday 2nd December 2014 6.30 – 8.00pm which goes through the application process for DARE for 2015, as well as giving information about the supports in CIT. It is most relevant to students in 6th year:
Location: IT5, Berkley (Library) Building, CIT Main Campus, Bishopstown
Booking is essential  – to reserve a place please email
UCC’s Assistive Technology Outreach programme offers free training and presentations on technology support students with disabilities/learning difficulties, their parents and educators.
To show the wide array of technologies available we are holding an Information Evening on Assistive Technology in UCC and all students, parents, teachers and SNAs are welcome to attend. (Further specific hands-on training in specific technologies is also available.)
Details are as follows:
Venue: WW5, West Wing, Main Quad, U.C.C.
Date: Thursday 4th December 2014,  7 to 9 pm
Further information on FREE training in assistive technology is available on our website:

Free Information Session for Parents of Secondary School Children on the Topic of Further Studies & Third Level Education.
Wednesday, 9th December 2014,7:15pm -9pm Bishopstown Community School, Cork.
The transition from Secondary to further studies and third level education can be stressful. The aim of this talk is to deliver the information required to alleviate stress and to empower people to feel confident about the change from secondary to further studies. The guest speaker, Edel Stout, is a qualified Youth Worker in the Cork Youth Information Centre. Edel has been delivering Guidance and Support around transfer from Secondary School for over 25 years. Some of the topics covered will include: Post Leaving Certificate Courses, Institute of Technology and University Courses, the C.A.O. system and Student Grant schemes.

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